Monday, August 14, 2017

爱 : experimental makeup

Hello, its been a while since I've posted something on my blog. I've been super busy and lazy at the same time, especially this summer since a huge exams for college admissions are coming up (SATs). That aside I decided to try this heart shape blush trend I've been seeing on Instagram  a lot lately. I don't know who started it but I took a lot of inspiration from MichelleMoe and Oppserve on Instagram. Any who, I am in love with pinks and red for the longest time because it gives off a very innocent and pure feel. 

The two main points of this look are the eyes,cheeks and lips~
Eyes (I personally think that light brown contacts look really nice with pinks, however I did not have any so I edited it in )
  • Using the elf brow kit (Medium) I mixed the browns with the tarte blush for the upper lid 
  • For the lower lid I used the face shop eyeshadow (bright red) with the brown brow shadow to contour.
  • On my outer lower lid I layered another shimmery red eyeshadow over it.
  • Then I used my fingers to layer the aritaum mono eyes sparkly shadow in my inner corners on my upper and lower lid (i love this product so much because it makes  your lids look GLAZED)
  • For liner I used a brown pencil liner  for my upper inner corner and then extended into a downward wing with a black liquid liner (this creates a soft transition)
  • My most favorite trick is next to use a red toned pencil liner (in my case I used a lip liner nyx mpl 10: nude) on my lower lash line and water line.
Here are some of the products I used~ (not all because i left some out for aesthetic reasons)
  • I first cut out a heart shape using some tape and stuck it on to my hand a few times to make it less sticky
  • Then I dabbed blush onto the center of my cheeks and removed the tape when I was finished (you can also clean up with concealer but I was too lazy)
  • most important step for someone who has dry skin like me is exfoliate and apply vaseline
  • then i layered a buttery coral lipstick on top (SK 40 Peachy Pink)
  • to make it more pink i used the slightest bit of NYX liquid lipstick (Cannes) all over
Alright this about sums up the process of my look. It seems pretty subtle in the pictures but I've learnt that makeup shows up in pictures when you overdo everything in real life so I looked a bit ridiculous (my mom complimented me though heh). I've been stalking a lot of popular  asian girl instagrams especially those with really nice feeds. I really want to try that instagram baddie look next but I dont have double eyelids so every look they do is just a mess on my eyelids.  

Thank you for reading!